Aug 29, 2016

Railway station in Chennai gets a new look

Chennai: The Nungambakkam Railway Station has got a new makeover. The station has been undergoing changes for the past few weeks and most of the work is completed. This is expected to add to the comfort of the travelling public.

The works include clearing up of plants along the tracks and spots under the the foot overbridges, which are being used as an open urinal. The benches and compound walls have received a fresh coat of paint. Name boards have also got a new coat of paint. The CCTV room that was under construction is also ready. New tiles have been laid at the steps.
"This has been a surprise change. This is a welcome act by the officials. Hope this continues," said a senior commuter at the station.

"The act of urinating in the open needs to be restricted," said Bharath, a commuter. "The changes in the station make it look new. This is a good beginning from the officials and will surely help the commuters," he added .

"We hope the CCTV room operates soon. CCTV facilities should be there at public places which will reduce unwanted happenings," said Shruthi, a commuter.

"The new makeover is a vital change made to the station. After the murder of a techie we expected some changes in the station based on security and other things. This will help all women in the neighbourhood," said Chitra, a commuter.